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Retail outlets in Al Janoub Gardens... Booming qualitative addition refreshing shopping movement in Al Wukair area.

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Mr. Hani Dabash, the Deputy Group CEO:

- “Record occupancy exceeding 75% for 2nd phase of Al Janoub Gardens, with expectations to surpass 90% next month”.

- “The upcoming period will witness a series of shop openings to serve the residents of Al Janoub Gardens and surrounding areas”.

- “Shops in Al Janoub Gardens present a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors eager to embark on a journey filled with achievements”.


Doha – June 2024

In a short period, Al Janoub Gardens Residence has demonstrated its remarkable success and managed to create a positive impact in the real estate market, not only in terms of residential units but also at the level of retail outlets. The residents of Al Janoub Gardens are looking forward to a series of openings in the upcoming phase, which will include a variety of commercial activities serving the Compound’s residents and marking a qualitative leap for the neighboring residential areas. Al Janoub Gardens provides up to 240 outlets and shops with activities ranging from supermarkets, cafes, and restaurants, to women's and men's salons, services, and entertainment, with spaces ranging between 39 – 62 square meters, besides the possibility of combining several shops to reach about 282 square meters.

Commenting on this, Mr. Hani Dabash, the Deputy Group CEO of Ezdan Holding Group, said: "Al Janoub Gardens project marks a significant moment in Ezdan Real Estate Company's timeline by providing a unique and superior lifestyle to all its inhabitants. It ensures luxury and joy with its sports amenities, entertainment options, and gardens. Additionally, it features retail outlets that enhance the shopping experience, along with services that reduce time and effort for its residents and offer them luxury. We anticipate that the resident count in the Compound will surpass 10,000 once fully leased."

Mr. Dabash further stated, "The Compound has earned accolades for success and achievement from our valued audience, having fully leased the entire first phase and all residential units—totaling 880 apartments—in record time. We swiftly initiated the second phase of the project, which sustained this success by achieving an occupancy rate of over 75% in just a few weeks, and we anticipate surpassing 90% occupancy next month. Therefore, I confirm it's an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors ready to expand their investments and commercial endeavors into realms abundant with accomplishments."

Mr. Hani Dabash noted that the success achieved at the residential level positively reflected on the commercial leasing movement, as indeed a plenty of leasing requests among commercial activities including supermarkets, cafes, and restaurants were recorded, and many of them have already signed leasing contracts, and we expect many of them to start their businesses next month.

The Deputy Group CEO explained that Al Janoub Gardens serves as a living example and tangible reality of employing Ezdan Real Estate Company's extensive experience in the real estate sector to serve its audience in providing a peaceful and comfortable dwelling that achieves high levels of luxury and happiness for all family members.

Al Janoub Gardens project is distinguished by its vital location on two main roads, Al Wakra Main Road and Al Wukair Main Road, opposite Al Janoub Stadium. In addition to the diverse service shops it provides, it offers its residents gyms, a central garden featuring children's playgrounds and flowing waterfalls, and the project includes one of the largest mosques ever constructed by Ezdan Real Estate Company.

During the first quarter of this year, Ezdan Real Estate Company announced the start of leasing for the first phase of the "Al Janoub Gardens" mixed-use project (residential and commercial), featuring over 2500 fully furnished residential apartments of various sizes and retail outlets. This project spans more than 400,000 square meters and includes roughly 4200 parking spaces for both residents and visitors, located outdoors and in basement areas. Additionally, the project encompasses a mosque, children's play areas, and swimming pools spread throughout the development.


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1st phase of project saw heavy turnout... Ezdan Real Estate Announces Opening, Lease of Second Phase at Al Janoub Gardens Residence

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- Completion of leasing for first phase with capacity of 880 residential units and launch of second phase with capacity of 775 units

- Al Janoub Gardens Residence includes over 2,500 diverse real estate units distributed across 61 buildings

- The project spans over 400,000 square meters and offers approximately 4,200 parking spaces.

Deputy Group CEO of Ezdan Holding Group. Mr. Hani Dabash: “We work to establish residential communities that provide a healthy lifestyle based on our social responsibility”

Doha – May 2024

Following the complete leasing of all 880 units in its first phase, marking a notable success, Ezdan Real Estate has launched the second phase of Al Janoub Gardens Residence project, which comprises approximately 775 residential units of varying sizes. Mr. Hani Dabash, Deputy CEO of Ezdan Holding Group, shared his thoughts on the overwhelming demand and popularity the project has received, particularly for its modern amenities and lifestyle offerings, including a central garden featuring children's play areas and lush greenery, which facilitated the rapid lease-up of the first phase. He noted, "Today marks the commencement of the second phase."

Mr. Dabash highlighted that Al Janoub Gardens Residence is among the company's key developments, representing a significant cultural enhancement for the Al Wukair area by blending residential and commercial spaces with a comprehensive suite of services, thus delivering a premium, competitively priced real estate option. He detailed that the project's design focuses on resident comfort and well-being, incorporating recreational and sports facilities, special areas for children, and family entertainment options.

"Al Janoub Gardens Residence project exemplifies our extensive experience in the real estate sector, aiming to provide serene, luxurious living that fosters happiness for all family members,” he added.

The project enjoys a strategic location at the junction of Al Wakra Highway and Al Wukair Main Road near Al Janoub World Cup Stadium. It offers a variety of shops, gyms, a notable central garden with children's playgrounds and flowing waterfalls, and houses one of the largest mosques built by Ezdan Real Estate. Earlier this year, the company opened leasing for the first phase of this multifaceted (residential and commercial) project, which includes over 2,500 units and fully furnished commercial spaces, covering more than 400,000 square meters. The project also provides about 4,200 parking spaces, including outdoor and basement areas, a mosque capable of accommodating over 2,500 worshippers, kids play area, and roughly ten swimming pools scattered throughout the property.

 Social responsibility… Approach and mission

Mr. Dabash noted that Ezdan Real Estate is dedicated to developing residential developments like Al Janoub Gardens, which include amenities for sports, green spaces, and family recreation areas.

 He stated, "Ezdan is committed to fostering communities that support a healthy, distinctive lifestyle, aligned with our social responsibility and mission towards society. We believe that an individual thrives in a healthy environment—one that encourages active living as part of daily life—ultimately contributing to the broader community. With Ezdan's historic depth and extensive experience, we position ourselves as a leader in the economic landscape, driving innovation in all our real estate offerings. This not only sets a benchmark for other developers but also benefits society at large."

It should be noted that recently, Ezdan Real Estate has introduced a series of sophisticated residential projects in Al Wakra and Al Wukair, including more than 1275 residential and commercial units encompassing apartments, villas, and commercial spaces across five developments: Al Safwa Compound, Hayat Al Wakra Compound "1-2", Jawharat Al Wakra, and Masat Al Wakra. These projects enhance the real estate market with a variety of high-quality, competitively priced properties, addressing the growing demand for residential units.

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Ezdan Real Estate launches Al Safwa Compound, featuring upscale residential units

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Deputy CEO of Ezdan Holding Group, Mr. Hani Dabash stated:


- The Compound has experienced unprecedented success, seeing a remarkable influx of rental inquiries in a brief timeframe.

- Occupancy at Al Safwa Compound is projected to surpass 95%, achieving this milestone at an extraordinary pace.

- Initiatives aimed at updating the Compounds are moving forward consistently and effectively.


Doha – October 2023

Ezdan Real Estate Company announced the launch of the first Al Safwa Compound of its kind, which provides luxury residential units of high quality for the category looking for sophistication and elegance, as the Compound provides up to 147 high-quality residential units that include a variety of living spaces, starting with the three-room apartment furnished with high-end furniture, then the five-room villa with a backyard for barbecue, in addition to the six-room rowhouse spread over three floors with a wonderful barbecue area. And a distinctive seating space at the top of the house.

For his part, Mr. Hani Dabash commented on Al Safwa Compound, saying: "Al Safwa Compound is one of the most important real estate projects that have been recently launched, which comes within the framework of the company's policy of diversifying real estate products, as the Compound provides residential villas, apartments and multi-storey buildings, all of which are equipped with high-end furniture and distinctive equipment in their quality and luxury, targeting through this Compound the category looking for luxury properties, and the experience has proven strongly successful due to the great demand we have received since the launch, and we expect that the occupancy exceeds 95% within a short period of time."

Regarding the new compound, the Deputy CEO of Ezdan Holding Group remarked: "Our decision to name it Al Safwa stems from our conviction in the essentiality of enhancing our residents’ life quality through contemporary living spaces. These compounds are infused with amenities that epitomize luxury, ensuring a lifestyle brimming with conveniences. We’ve prioritized the incorporation of green spaces in our new properties, imbuing our compounds with a refreshing dimension that resonates with comfort, peace, and positivity for all residents. We’ve fortified this approach by offering services that elevate the living experience of our residents, such as the inclusion of gyms, swimming pools, and more, ensuring an ambiance of unparalleled luxury."


Mr. Dabash further elucidated that Al Safwa Compound stands out due to its distinctive offerings and services. These elements not only cater to the escalating market demands but also play a pivotal role in elevating the standards of the real estate market. By offering superior quality products at highly competitive rental values, the compound has garnered immense appreciation and positive responses within the real estate sector and from tenants alike. Among its remarkable facilities are a well-equipped hall for parties and events, separate gyms for men and women, sport-centric amenities, designated children’s areas, and exclusive family spaces.


Located strategically near Al Janoub Stadium, Ezdan Malls in Al Wakra and Al Wukair, as well as Al Wakra Hospital, Al Safwa Compound benefits from a thriving commercial and investment environment fostered by extensive road and infrastructure developments in the cities of Al Wakra and Al Wukair. The ongoing enhancements, in conjunction with the metro project and newly inaugurated road networks, bolster connectivity and accessibility, linking the compound seamlessly with various parts of the country, and contributing to the area’s vibrancy and growth.


It is worth mentioning that Ezdan Real Estate Company has recently launched a series of advanced residential Compounds in the areas of Al Wakra and Al Wukair, which provide more than about 1,100 residential units ranging from apartments and villas in addition to commercial outlets, which are distributed over four residential Compounds (Hayat Al Wakra Compounds "1-2", Jawharat Al Wakra, and Masat Al Wakra), which would add to the real estate market a distinguished real estate product of high quality with a competitive rent that contributes to meeting the demand in the real estate market for residential units, and by adding Al Safwa Compound to it, the number of advertised residential units reaches more than 1250 units.


Ezdan Properties' Renovation Strategy

Speaking on the company’s previously disclosed renovation strategies, the Deputy CEO affirmed that Ezdan Real Estate is committed to incessant enhancement and development of its services, aligning with the substantial developmental strides observed across the country. A holistic refurbishment program has been unveiled for 2023, targeting a multitude of villages and residential compounds, inclusive of those in Al Wakra and Al Wukair, as well as various residential structures and buildings in Doha. The refurbishments encompass structural modifications such as floor replacements, wall painting, and comprehensive building maintenance. This also includes the replacement of a significant quantity of furniture, electrical devices, and air conditioning units in the specified residential entities.


He further added, "We have meticulously curated a comprehensive plan with a predominant objective of achieving customer satisfaction. An exhaustive reevaluation has been conducted on all properties under Ezdan Real Estate Company’s ownership. This appraisal aimed to ascertain the state and requisite needs of all residential units, spanning from infrastructural advancements, furniture, electrical appliances, to air conditioning units, among others. Consequently, we have set in motion this plan, which is being systematically executed in progressive phases."


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Ezdan Real Estate launches 4 residential compounds in Al Wakra, featuring over 1,100 living spaces

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Ezdan is a supportive partner for the country's plans to host many sports tournaments


Deputy CEO of Ezdan Holding Group. Mr. Hani Dabash:


- Leasing opportunities in new compounds now available, interest surpasses our expectations

-                   Ezdan's leadership is secret of achieving many operational achievements during the past period


Doha – October 2023

Ezdan Real Estate Company has announced the introduction of a range of upscale residential developments in Al Wakra and Al Wukair recently. These new compounds encompass over 1,100 living spaces, including apartments and villas, as well as commercial outlets, spread across four residential compounds: Hayat Al Wakra Compounds "1-2", Jawharat Al Wakra, and Masat Al Wakra. These additions are set to enhance the real estate market with their exceptional quality and competitive leasing rates, catering to the market’s residential demands.


Mr. Hani Dabash, Deputy CEO of Ezdan Holding Group, disclosed that these compounds are already available for lease. Some have even achieved an occupancy rate exceeding 95%, while the leasing process for others is nearing completion. He highlighted the substantial interest shown by the public in these new compounds due to their array of services, facilities, and brand-new furniture and appliances. Mr. Hani Dabash, Deputy CEO of Ezdan Holding Group, added that the new residential compounds come within the framework of the group's expansion plans, in which the company is launching a new phase in its history, as the new compounds provide integrated services, modern furniture and advanced facilities, and include more than 1,100 very unique residential units in their quality, in vital locations in Al Wakra, as well as a package of wonderful services that include children's areas, playgrounds, gyms, swimming pools, in addition to a number of shops, supermarkets,  mosques, and others.

The compounds offered for lease are characterized by their vital location near Al Janoub Stadium and Ezdan Malls  in Al Wakra and Al Wukair, in addition to Al Wakra Hospital, and the surrounding area is witnessing a boom in the volume of commercial and investment business due to the road and infrastructure development projects that have been implemented in the city of Al Wakra and Al Wukair, in parallel with the metro project «Qatar Rail», and the road projects that have been opened to traffic to serve  the areas and link them to the rest of the country.

It’s notable that Masat Al Wakra Compound comprises around 272 residential units of fully furnished apartments and villas. Jawharat Al Wakra Compound accommodates 253 units, whereas Hayat Al Wakra (1) Compound holds about 287 units. Additionally, Hayat Al Wakra (2) Compound encompasses around 290 units. Each compound offers a mix of two-bedroom apartments and four-bedroom villas, along with various amenities and services.


Ezdan.... Long expertise and renewed vision

Ezdan Holding Group, along with its subsidiaries, possesses extensive experience in the Qatari market, particularly in the realm of real estate. Over recent years, the group has been successful in delivering unique and high-quality real estate products, enriching the Qatari market with a multitude of real estate projects. Ezdan Real Estate Company has recently inaugurated a series of villages and residential compounds, injecting thousands of remarkable residential units into the market. Their modern and unique management approach has significantly boosted occupancy rates, operational efficacy, and customer satisfaction. This success is a testament to the group's insightful management and visionary strategy, which has been diligently working over the years to augment its market presence, emphasizing the group’s crucial role in bolstering the country’s plans and initiating numerous vital projects.

The Group has contributed to the vision of its leadership in maintaining the stability of the real estate market through active participation in meeting the growing demand for residential, commercial and administrative units and keeping pace with population growth, which is one of the important pillars of the sustainable development movement in the country.


Ezdan... An active partner in hosting the largest sports tournaments

It’s notable that Ezdan Holding Group holds successful expertise in contributing actively to providing accommodation and hotel services for various tournaments that the country has hosted over the years. Examples of these include prominent events like the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the 2006 Asian Games, the Fourteenth World School Games 2009, the 2011 Pan Arab Games, the 2019 World Athletics Championships, the Beach Games 2019, among many other global championships. This accomplishment is attributed to Ezdan Group’s enthusiasm in actively involving all its subsidiaries to back the country’s initiatives, promoting the hosting of major international tournaments and forums.

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Ezdan Real Estate: Revamp plan for residential units and facilities met objectives in 2022, to extend in 2023

Deputy Group CEO Hani Dabash: revamp strategy yields positive outcomes; we are set to continue upgrading thousands of units in 2023.

Doha - June 2023

Ezdan Real Estate Company unveiled new developments in the comprehensive revamp plan that it launched during the past year, as the company announced its intention to develop thousands of residential units with their amenities during the current year, which includes changing furniture and appliances, washing machines refrigerators, and cookers), and the plan had included the completion of refurbishing a large number of residential units during the year 2022 in Al-Wakra, Al-Wukair and Doha.

Refurbishing operations include a construction aspect such as painting the external facades of all buildings and repairing damaged ones, changing doors and repairing car parking shades, renewing the external walls of residential compounds, interior painting of all public corridors of buildings, paving internal streets and planning directions, and the external facades of the club building, mosque and service buildings.

For his part, Mr. Hani Dabash, Ezdan Holding Group’s Deputy CEO, said: "We launched the revamp plan last year, and we have continued to work relentlessly in order to achieve the desired goals."

The plan resulted in the revamping of a large number of residential units and their amenities during 2022, and the campaign changed the external and internal appearance of the residential units in terms of the internal appliances, furniture and constructions of the residential units, and we received a plethora of positive feedback from the audience of Ezdan Real Estate.

“We earmarked budgets that have been made for the plan to achieve its main goal, which is to reach the satisfaction of our customers. We have worked during its launch to ensure that it is comprehensive and felt by all residents. It came based on a comprehensive re-evaluation of all real estate belonging to Ezdan Real Estate Company to determine the status of all residential units and their requirements between construction renovations, furniture, electrical appliances, air conditioners, etc., and therefore we launched the plan, which is being implemented in successive stages.”, Mr. Dabash added.

The Deputy CEO of the Group emphasized that the revamp initiative has concluded in a considerable number of residential units, though it didn't stop there. Refurbishing works are being carried out in a timely manner, and we are committed to keeping our stakeholders informed about the results and progress of this campaign, which is proceeding under a defined strategy designed to deliver comprehensive, modern residential catering to various societal segments.

Ezdan Holding Group, which owns thousands of multi-purpose real estate units in Doha, Al Wakrah and Al Wukair, has recently revealed its plans to roll out the "Al Janoub Gardens" project in the near future. The project is multi-functional (residential and commercial), offering fully furnished apartments of various dimensions along with commercial establishments. It also includes ample parking for both residents and visitors, and incorporates amenities such as mosques, children's play areas, and swimming pools spread across the project.

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Doha - June 2022

Hot on the heels of announcing the opening of Murooj Al Wakra compound, Ezdan Real Estate Company announced the opening of Hayat Al Wakra Residential Compound, as part of its recently announced time framed scheme to introduce more than 4,000 residential units during the current year including a series of fully furnished and developed residential compounds that the company intends to launch before the end of 2022. The newly opened compound offers several shops and a supermarket, comprising more than 287 residential units that are unique in their quality, promoting the level of real estate products introduced to the Qatari market.

Commenting on the opening of Hayat Al Wakra Compound, Mr. Hani Dabash, Ezdan Holding Deputy Group CEO, said: “We consider Hayat Al Wakra Compound as a new achievement added to the company’s record of achievements, as it comes within the framework of a series of completely modern residential compounds we are gearing up to launch where thousands of units will hit the property market, no later than the end of the current year. Such move responds to the market demands in such a crucial stage in the history of State of Qatar, in light of its hosting of the largest and most prominent international sports tournaments, so we consider such step as “glad tidings” for the property market; in other words, we are proceeding progressively according to the line-up that we set, and we will offer up to 4,000 residential units before the end of this year.”

Regarding the new compound, Dabash said: “We have decided to name the compound as Hayat Al Wakra, which is derived from the Arabic word Hayat meaning life, and this stems from our belief in the importance of improving the quality of life for our residents through modern residential compounds that make life easier and abounds in distinguished services, and we were keen to encompass the new properties with green spaces.

It gives our compound a new dimension that grants all its residents comfort, tranquility, and optimism, and we have worked to consolidate this concept by providing services that enhance the well-fare of our residents, such as gyms, swimming pools, and others.”

Mr. Dabash added that the residential properties that will be put on the market are “characterized by their qualitative differences in terms of the services they provide, which we believe will contribute not only to meeting the rising market demands but rather triggers an effective role in upgrading the property market by providing a high quality product at a competitive rental value.”

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