Deputy Group CEO Hani Dabash: revamp strategy yields positive ou" /> Deputy Group CEO Hani Dabash: revamp strategy yields positive ou" /> Deputy Group CEO Hani Dabash: revamp strategy yields positive ou" />

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Ezdan Real Estate: Revamp plan for residential units and facilities met objectives in 2022, to extend in 2023

15 Jun 2023

Deputy Group CEO Hani Dabash: revamp strategy yields positive outcomes; we are set to continue upgrading thousands of units in 2023.

Doha - June 2023

Ezdan Real Estate Company unveiled new developments in the comprehensive revamp plan that it launched during the past year, as the company announced its intention to develop thousands of residential units with their amenities during the current year, which includes changing furniture and appliances, washing machines refrigerators, and cookers), and the plan had included the completion of refurbishing a large number of residential units during the year 2022 in Al-Wakra, Al-Wukair and Doha.

Refurbishing operations include a construction aspect such as painting the external facades of all buildings and repairing damaged ones, changing doors and repairing car parking shades, renewing the external walls of residential compounds, interior painting of all public corridors of buildings, paving internal streets and planning directions, and the external facades of the club building, mosque and service buildings.

For his part, Mr. Hani Dabash, Ezdan Holding Group’s Deputy CEO, said: "We launched the revamp plan last year, and we have continued to work relentlessly in order to achieve the desired goals."

The plan resulted in the revamping of a large number of residential units and their amenities during 2022, and the campaign changed the external and internal appearance of the residential units in terms of the internal appliances, furniture and constructions of the residential units, and we received a plethora of positive feedback from the audience of Ezdan Real Estate.

“We earmarked budgets that have been made for the plan to achieve its main goal, which is to reach the satisfaction of our customers. We have worked during its launch to ensure that it is comprehensive and felt by all residents. It came based on a comprehensive re-evaluation of all real estate belonging to Ezdan Real Estate Company to determine the status of all residential units and their requirements between construction renovations, furniture, electrical appliances, air conditioners, etc., and therefore we launched the plan, which is being implemented in successive stages.”, Mr. Dabash added.

The Deputy CEO of the Group emphasized that the revamp initiative has concluded in a considerable number of residential units, though it didn't stop there. Refurbishing works are being carried out in a timely manner, and we are committed to keeping our stakeholders informed about the results and progress of this campaign, which is proceeding under a defined strategy designed to deliver comprehensive, modern residential catering to various societal segments.

Ezdan Holding Group, which owns thousands of multi-purpose real estate units in Doha, Al Wakrah and Al Wukair, has recently revealed its plans to roll out the "Al Janoub Gardens" project in the near future. The project is multi-functional (residential and commercial), offering fully furnished apartments of various dimensions along with commercial establishments. It also includes ample parking for both residents and visitors, and incorporates amenities such as mosques, children's play areas, and swimming pools spread across the project.