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Ezdan Real Estate launches Al Safwa Compound, featuring upscale residential units

30 Oct 2023

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Deputy CEO of Ezdan Holding Group, Mr. Hani Dabash stated:


- The Compound has experienced unprecedented success, seeing a remarkable influx of rental inquiries in a brief timeframe.

- Occupancy at Al Safwa Compound is projected to surpass 95%, achieving this milestone at an extraordinary pace.

- Initiatives aimed at updating the Compounds are moving forward consistently and effectively.


Doha – October 2023

Ezdan Real Estate Company announced the launch of the first Al Safwa Compound of its kind, which provides luxury residential units of high quality for the category looking for sophistication and elegance, as the Compound provides up to 147 high-quality residential units that include a variety of living spaces, starting with the three-room apartment furnished with high-end furniture, then the five-room villa with a backyard for barbecue, in addition to the six-room rowhouse spread over three floors with a wonderful barbecue area. And a distinctive seating space at the top of the house.

For his part, Mr. Hani Dabash commented on Al Safwa Compound, saying: "Al Safwa Compound is one of the most important real estate projects that have been recently launched, which comes within the framework of the company's policy of diversifying real estate products, as the Compound provides residential villas, apartments and multi-storey buildings, all of which are equipped with high-end furniture and distinctive equipment in their quality and luxury, targeting through this Compound the category looking for luxury properties, and the experience has proven strongly successful due to the great demand we have received since the launch, and we expect that the occupancy exceeds 95% within a short period of time."

Regarding the new compound, the Deputy CEO of Ezdan Holding Group remarked: "Our decision to name it Al Safwa stems from our conviction in the essentiality of enhancing our residents’ life quality through contemporary living spaces. These compounds are infused with amenities that epitomize luxury, ensuring a lifestyle brimming with conveniences. We’ve prioritized the incorporation of green spaces in our new properties, imbuing our compounds with a refreshing dimension that resonates with comfort, peace, and positivity for all residents. We’ve fortified this approach by offering services that elevate the living experience of our residents, such as the inclusion of gyms, swimming pools, and more, ensuring an ambiance of unparalleled luxury."


Mr. Dabash further elucidated that Al Safwa Compound stands out due to its distinctive offerings and services. These elements not only cater to the escalating market demands but also play a pivotal role in elevating the standards of the real estate market. By offering superior quality products at highly competitive rental values, the compound has garnered immense appreciation and positive responses within the real estate sector and from tenants alike. Among its remarkable facilities are a well-equipped hall for parties and events, separate gyms for men and women, sport-centric amenities, designated children’s areas, and exclusive family spaces.


Located strategically near Al Janoub Stadium, Ezdan Malls in Al Wakra and Al Wukair, as well as Al Wakra Hospital, Al Safwa Compound benefits from a thriving commercial and investment environment fostered by extensive road and infrastructure developments in the cities of Al Wakra and Al Wukair. The ongoing enhancements, in conjunction with the metro project and newly inaugurated road networks, bolster connectivity and accessibility, linking the compound seamlessly with various parts of the country, and contributing to the area’s vibrancy and growth.


It is worth mentioning that Ezdan Real Estate Company has recently launched a series of advanced residential Compounds in the areas of Al Wakra and Al Wukair, which provide more than about 1,100 residential units ranging from apartments and villas in addition to commercial outlets, which are distributed over four residential Compounds (Hayat Al Wakra Compounds "1-2", Jawharat Al Wakra, and Masat Al Wakra), which would add to the real estate market a distinguished real estate product of high quality with a competitive rent that contributes to meeting the demand in the real estate market for residential units, and by adding Al Safwa Compound to it, the number of advertised residential units reaches more than 1250 units.


Ezdan Properties' Renovation Strategy

Speaking on the company’s previously disclosed renovation strategies, the Deputy CEO affirmed that Ezdan Real Estate is committed to incessant enhancement and development of its services, aligning with the substantial developmental strides observed across the country. A holistic refurbishment program has been unveiled for 2023, targeting a multitude of villages and residential compounds, inclusive of those in Al Wakra and Al Wukair, as well as various residential structures and buildings in Doha. The refurbishments encompass structural modifications such as floor replacements, wall painting, and comprehensive building maintenance. This also includes the replacement of a significant quantity of furniture, electrical devices, and air conditioning units in the specified residential entities.


He further added, "We have meticulously curated a comprehensive plan with a predominant objective of achieving customer satisfaction. An exhaustive reevaluation has been conducted on all properties under Ezdan Real Estate Company’s ownership. This appraisal aimed to ascertain the state and requisite needs of all residential units, spanning from infrastructural advancements, furniture, electrical appliances, to air conditioning units, among others. Consequently, we have set in motion this plan, which is being systematically executed in progressive phases."