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1st phase of project saw heavy turnout... Ezdan Real Estate Announces Opening, Lease of Second Phase at Al Janoub Gardens Residence

07 May 2024

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- Completion of leasing for first phase with capacity of 880 residential units and launch of second phase with capacity of 775 units

- Al Janoub Gardens Residence includes over 2,500 diverse real estate units distributed across 61 buildings

- The project spans over 400,000 square meters and offers approximately 4,200 parking spaces.

Deputy Group CEO of Ezdan Holding Group. Mr. Hani Dabash: “We work to establish residential communities that provide a healthy lifestyle based on our social responsibility”

Doha – May 2024

Following the complete leasing of all 880 units in its first phase, marking a notable success, Ezdan Real Estate has launched the second phase of Al Janoub Gardens Residence project, which comprises approximately 775 residential units of varying sizes. Mr. Hani Dabash, Deputy CEO of Ezdan Holding Group, shared his thoughts on the overwhelming demand and popularity the project has received, particularly for its modern amenities and lifestyle offerings, including a central garden featuring children's play areas and lush greenery, which facilitated the rapid lease-up of the first phase. He noted, "Today marks the commencement of the second phase."

Mr. Dabash highlighted that Al Janoub Gardens Residence is among the company's key developments, representing a significant cultural enhancement for the Al Wukair area by blending residential and commercial spaces with a comprehensive suite of services, thus delivering a premium, competitively priced real estate option. He detailed that the project's design focuses on resident comfort and well-being, incorporating recreational and sports facilities, special areas for children, and family entertainment options.

"Al Janoub Gardens Residence project exemplifies our extensive experience in the real estate sector, aiming to provide serene, luxurious living that fosters happiness for all family members,” he added.

The project enjoys a strategic location at the junction of Al Wakra Highway and Al Wukair Main Road near Al Janoub World Cup Stadium. It offers a variety of shops, gyms, a notable central garden with children's playgrounds and flowing waterfalls, and houses one of the largest mosques built by Ezdan Real Estate. Earlier this year, the company opened leasing for the first phase of this multifaceted (residential and commercial) project, which includes over 2,500 units and fully furnished commercial spaces, covering more than 400,000 square meters. The project also provides about 4,200 parking spaces, including outdoor and basement areas, a mosque capable of accommodating over 2,500 worshippers, kids play area, and roughly ten swimming pools scattered throughout the property.

 Social responsibility… Approach and mission

Mr. Dabash noted that Ezdan Real Estate is dedicated to developing residential developments like Al Janoub Gardens, which include amenities for sports, green spaces, and family recreation areas.

 He stated, "Ezdan is committed to fostering communities that support a healthy, distinctive lifestyle, aligned with our social responsibility and mission towards society. We believe that an individual thrives in a healthy environment—one that encourages active living as part of daily life—ultimately contributing to the broader community. With Ezdan's historic depth and extensive experience, we position ourselves as a leader in the economic landscape, driving innovation in all our real estate offerings. This not only sets a benchmark for other developers but also benefits society at large."

It should be noted that recently, Ezdan Real Estate has introduced a series of sophisticated residential projects in Al Wakra and Al Wukair, including more than 1275 residential and commercial units encompassing apartments, villas, and commercial spaces across five developments: Al Safwa Compound, Hayat Al Wakra Compound "1-2", Jawharat Al Wakra, and Masat Al Wakra. These projects enhance the real estate market with a variety of high-quality, competitively priced properties, addressing the growing demand for residential units.