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Ezdan Real Estate launches 4 residential compounds in Al Wakra, featuring over 1,100 living spaces

26 Oct 2023

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Ezdan is a supportive partner for the country's plans to host many sports tournaments


Deputy CEO of Ezdan Holding Group. Mr. Hani Dabash:


- Leasing opportunities in new compounds now available, interest surpasses our expectations

-                   Ezdan's leadership is secret of achieving many operational achievements during the past period


Doha – October 2023

Ezdan Real Estate Company has announced the introduction of a range of upscale residential developments in Al Wakra and Al Wukair recently. These new compounds encompass over 1,100 living spaces, including apartments and villas, as well as commercial outlets, spread across four residential compounds: Hayat Al Wakra Compounds "1-2", Jawharat Al Wakra, and Masat Al Wakra. These additions are set to enhance the real estate market with their exceptional quality and competitive leasing rates, catering to the market’s residential demands.


Mr. Hani Dabash, Deputy CEO of Ezdan Holding Group, disclosed that these compounds are already available for lease. Some have even achieved an occupancy rate exceeding 95%, while the leasing process for others is nearing completion. He highlighted the substantial interest shown by the public in these new compounds due to their array of services, facilities, and brand-new furniture and appliances. Mr. Hani Dabash, Deputy CEO of Ezdan Holding Group, added that the new residential compounds come within the framework of the group's expansion plans, in which the company is launching a new phase in its history, as the new compounds provide integrated services, modern furniture and advanced facilities, and include more than 1,100 very unique residential units in their quality, in vital locations in Al Wakra, as well as a package of wonderful services that include children's areas, playgrounds, gyms, swimming pools, in addition to a number of shops, supermarkets,  mosques, and others.

The compounds offered for lease are characterized by their vital location near Al Janoub Stadium and Ezdan Malls  in Al Wakra and Al Wukair, in addition to Al Wakra Hospital, and the surrounding area is witnessing a boom in the volume of commercial and investment business due to the road and infrastructure development projects that have been implemented in the city of Al Wakra and Al Wukair, in parallel with the metro project «Qatar Rail», and the road projects that have been opened to traffic to serve  the areas and link them to the rest of the country.

It’s notable that Masat Al Wakra Compound comprises around 272 residential units of fully furnished apartments and villas. Jawharat Al Wakra Compound accommodates 253 units, whereas Hayat Al Wakra (1) Compound holds about 287 units. Additionally, Hayat Al Wakra (2) Compound encompasses around 290 units. Each compound offers a mix of two-bedroom apartments and four-bedroom villas, along with various amenities and services.


Ezdan.... Long expertise and renewed vision

Ezdan Holding Group, along with its subsidiaries, possesses extensive experience in the Qatari market, particularly in the realm of real estate. Over recent years, the group has been successful in delivering unique and high-quality real estate products, enriching the Qatari market with a multitude of real estate projects. Ezdan Real Estate Company has recently inaugurated a series of villages and residential compounds, injecting thousands of remarkable residential units into the market. Their modern and unique management approach has significantly boosted occupancy rates, operational efficacy, and customer satisfaction. This success is a testament to the group's insightful management and visionary strategy, which has been diligently working over the years to augment its market presence, emphasizing the group’s crucial role in bolstering the country’s plans and initiating numerous vital projects.

The Group has contributed to the vision of its leadership in maintaining the stability of the real estate market through active participation in meeting the growing demand for residential, commercial and administrative units and keeping pace with population growth, which is one of the important pillars of the sustainable development movement in the country.


Ezdan... An active partner in hosting the largest sports tournaments

It’s notable that Ezdan Holding Group holds successful expertise in contributing actively to providing accommodation and hotel services for various tournaments that the country has hosted over the years. Examples of these include prominent events like the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the 2006 Asian Games, the Fourteenth World School Games 2009, the 2011 Pan Arab Games, the 2019 World Athletics Championships, the Beach Games 2019, among many other global championships. This accomplishment is attributed to Ezdan Group’s enthusiasm in actively involving all its subsidiaries to back the country’s initiatives, promoting the hosting of major international tournaments and forums.