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01 Jan 1900

Hani Dabash: The development in progress, booming results to loom soon

Doha - February 2022

In the course of its strategy to continuously improve and develop its services, Ezdan Real Estate Company, the major real estate developer, unveiled an integrated multi-tiered plan for the comprehensive development of about 17 villages and compounds to take place in 2022, including residential villages in Al Wakra and Al Wukair and residential buildings in Doha, entailing construction works. The revamp works will include flooring replacement, wall paints, full-range maintenance operations for buildings, as well as replacing most furniture, electrical appliances and air conditioners.

Commenting on such running works, Mr. Hani Dabash, the Deputy Group CEO of Ezdan Holding Group, said: “In fact, we have developed an integrated plan whose main objective is to enhance the satisfaction of our customers. The planned operations will cover structures, furniture, electrical appliances, air conditioners, etc., and therefore we have brough forth the plan, which is implemented in successive stages, and will be carried out in 17 residential villages during the current year. We expect to reap the first successful results of the development process as soon as we announce the completion of works in our properties.”

“The development plan has already been launched in a number of villages and residential compounds and included a set of external and internal renovations; buildings, fences and gates, in addition to providing residential units with furniture and modern electrical appliances. Works will also include renovating floors and kitchens, developing carports and sidewalks, as well as refurbishing the main entrances and external lighting, kids’ zones, swimming pools, main playgrounds, gyms, mosques, social clubs, and other facilities”, Dabash added.

“Ezdan Real Estate is conducting renovations for Ezdan Holding Group-owned villages and compounds in Doha, Al Wakra and Al Wukair according to a carefully defined framework to enhance the service it provides to customers and ensure the excellence of Ezdan in the real estate sector; it operates according to a clear strategy that aims to provide a full-range modern residence at competitive prices in the property market for different segments of the population of Qatar, and the middle class in particular”, Dabash noted.

It is noteworthy that Ezdan Holding Group owns about 32,000 real estate units of various purposes in Doha, Al Wakra and Al Wukair, that have been offered for rent during the recent period. One of the milestones projects offered to the audience is "Ezdan Oasis" real estate project, the largest of its kind in Al Wukair area, aka “the land of a million square meter”, which comprises thousands residential, administrative and commercial units, within Al Wukair region.