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Ezdan Real Estate launches 15-month free rental promotion

Ezdan Real Estate launches 15-month free rental promotion

16 Jul 2019

Ezdan Real Estate launches 15-month free rental promotion On 500 commercial units at Ezdan Oasis

Two-year contract + 15 months free

Hani Dabash: Ezdan promotion benefit investors, merchants to embark on new business 

Ezdan Oasis accommodates 35.000 residents

Hani Dabash, Ezdan Real Estate Property Management Director has announced launching a new great promotional campaign for the commercial units at Ezdan Oasis Al Wukair, that target small and mediumsized enterprisers including craftsmen, entrepreneurs and companies. The promotion will run from 21 July till 30 September 2019. The new tenants will be able to choose from a space are between 60 till 104 meter that can be used as flexible space units, where the offer is valid till September-end. Up to 15- month free rental promotion; to lease more than 500 diverse commercial outlets.

Ezdan Oasis spreads over the area of one million square meters and is expected to house more than 35,000 residents in around 9,000 housing units; it encompasses two schools, the Lulu Hypermarket, and a variety of services and facilities that integrate to form an ideal living and working environment.

Mr. Hani Dabash, the Property Management Director, who joined recently the parent company Ezdan Holding Group, pointed out that new promotion campaign on commercial units, comes in line with launching of a new phase in the mega project of "Ezdan Oasis" in Al Wukair. This campaign aims at offering cost effective rentals for new investors and encouraging them to fill vacant commercial units in the Oasis which is  meant to accommodate more than 35  thousand residents, where traders, entrepreneurs and investors under the special summer offer will receive 3 month gratuity period plus a full year free of charge.” 

“Therefore, each new tenant who contracts between the period from 21 July and 30 September 2019, will be entitled to 15- month free of charge, which in turn would boost the long-term business and its stability. This serves the residents of "Ezdan Oasis" and the surrounding areas, and finally would benefit Al Wukair region, by triggering a commercial and economic boom,” Hani added.

Mr. Hani Dabash, who enjoys a long expertise in real estate management, emphasized the priority of communicating with tenants and improving operational efficiency through the development of multiple service solutions that meet the needs and aspirations of the end beneficiaries of Ezdan, which enjoys a tremendous properties portfolio that include residential villages and buildings, along with hotels and others, distributed in Doha and its environs.

Mr. Hani Dabash added that the amazing summer campaign on the commercial units at Ezdan Oasis is in line with the strategy of the Ezdan Holding Group, which places priority on the interests of the ultimate beneficiary of its various real estate products in all its projects. On the one hand, he believes that bringing population in "Ezdan Oasis" in vicinity with merchants and consumers, will render Ezdan Oasis as an integrated real estate oasis and an exceptional place in almost everything in terms of its area, design, services available to residents of the adjacent areas, noting that the place has been constructed with commercial units that are distributed in a properly manner inside the Oasis to enable offering a variety of activities and to meet all the safety requirements of the shops within the residential complexes.

Mr. Hani Dabash predicted that Ezdan Oasis would witness significant commercial momentum in the forthcoming period, driven by the stunning display of its diverse retail outlets and in parallel with the continued growth in the population of its residential units, which opened doors for leasing last year. "Moreover, the considered meter price offer, compared with the supply of commercial and administrative units in the domestic market now, the “summer promotion” will provide traders, craftsmen, private professionals and business investors with a real opportunity to expand or start a new business in an integrated residential environment driven by road and infrastructure development projects currentlyunderway in Al Wakra. Al-Wukair, and that comes in line with Metro "Rail", the road projects that were opened before the Traffic Department to serve the areas of Al Wakra, Al Wukair and Al-Mashaf and linking them to the rest of the country, such as the highway road Hamad Port. Doha Express Way and Orbital Highway and others.”

Ezdan Holding Group has announced the appointment of Mr. Hani Dabash as Group’s Property Management Director, given its expanding business scope and to benefit from his long expertise in developing medium and long-term business strategies and plans. This new nomination comes in line with Ezdan’s intention to launch a number of campaigns and promotions for its end –users and customers. These offers will cover the villages of Ezdan in Doha, Al Wakra and Al Wukair, Ezdan Mall Al Gharafa, Ezdan Mall Al Wakra and, Ezdan Mall Al Wukair.

Mr. Hani Dabash stated that "Ezdan Oasis" is the largest real estate project in the history of the Ezdan Holding Group on a land area of about one million square meters in Al Wakir area, so it has been known in the real estate market with a land of one million or one million project. Residential and commercial units. The most distinctive aspect of the project is the provision of 582 commercial outlets, including club shops ranging from 60 to 104 square meters, with more than one area for commercial use, ranging from restaurants to cafes, pharmacies, shops, bakeries and laundries and others.

He added that the number of housing units in "Ezdan Oasis" reaches 8769 furnished apartments ranging from one room to two and three rooms, accommodating more than 35 thousand people, as well as a variety of services and facilities that will constitute a qualitative leap for the Al-Wukair region. The project has two s schools, 8 sports clubs, 5 swimming pools and a huge hypermarket of more than 7,000 square meters, offers a variety of products and is run by the Lulu chain, which has long experience in the retail sector.

Ezdan Oasis is an eco-friendly project, with 35% green lawns of the total area of the Oasis. It also provides multiple parking lots, providing ample space for residents and visitors from the oasis, as well as a range of services, including security, maintenance and other services.