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Ezdan organises Health Day to its tenants in wakra under the theme “Sehah Tazdan”

Ezdan organises Health Day to its tenants in wakra under the theme “Sehah Tazdan”

26 Oct 2014

In collaboration with the Qatar Diabetes Association, Ezdan Holding Group has organised a Health Day under the slogan “Sehah tazdan” (Health adorned), which included several useful health care events for all participants. The event included an educational seminar on diabetes and how to avoid its ill-effects and how to prevent it. It also organised camps where free testing of glucose level in the blood was conducted by a team of experts and specialists.

The Health Day event and activities lasted throughout today’s afternoon at the Social Club headquarters of Ezdan Village 9 in Al Wukair area. Ezdan Holding Group organized the event as part of its belief in fostering close relations with the residents of the housing units, in line with its desire to consolidate its social role and to launch new concepts for the first time in the Qatari market.

For his part, Mr. Ali Al Obaidli, CEO of Ezdan Holding Group, stressed that Ezdan is committed to its responsibilities towards the Qatari society, adding that the Group is keen to take action for the benefit of the Qatari community or to participate in all Public community events that seek the interests of members of the community. He further said that the social responsibility of the private is the most important feature of the Qatari economy, noting that humanitarian initiatives are drives of such economy to promote healthy and prosperous society.

Al Obaidli said that the importance of Ezdan’s role in the community stems from the desire to positively influence the society, whether for the time being or in the future, depending on the spirit of social responsibility that accompanies many of the activities, including  social, health , educational, cultural, sports and environmental aspects. Ezdan’s social responsibility activities include launching new initiatives or responding to the calls of many bodies and institutions operation within the framework of social responsibility.

He added that Ezdan Holding Group is effectively working to support the community through an array of initiative not only in the health sector, but also in the preservation of environment. In this regard, the Group has announced earlier a green project aiming at planting 22 million trees and providing green areas in many of its residential compounds. In sport sector, the Group was keen to provide sport infrastructures in all its villages and residential compounds. Play grounds, swimming pools, gyms and coached were all afforded by Ezdan to its tenants. In addition, the Group has also sponsored many sport events, out of its desire to promote sports, which play a significant role in building sound bodies and healthy society.