Ezdan Holding and its subsidiaries organize a number of events in celebration of the National Sport Day News & Events | Ezdan Real Estate

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Ezdan Holding and its subsidiaries organize a number of events in celebration of the National Sport Day

Ezdan Holding and its subsidiaries organize a number of events in celebration of the National Sport Day

20 Feb 2018

As part of its role in social responsibility and raising awareness of sports culture as one of the foundations of healthy community, Ezdan Holding Group and its subsidiaries have organized aa myriad of sport events for their employees and the public at Ezdan Towers in Doha and Ezdan 3 village in Al-Wukair. Activities witnessed the interaction of a number of participants, of all ages, who flocked to the celebration site to enjoy the various competitions and sport show. 


The Group organized three distinct competitions: a 3 km fun run ‘Ezdan marathon’ and the ‘weight loss’ competition for the best employee who is able to lose 5 kg weight in a month, in addition to the ‘best video’ contest for one of the employees practicing sport. The Group was keen to distribute healthy meals to participants during the ‘marathon’. On site, The Primary Health Care Corporation also participated in the events through checking the physical fitness of the contestants, in addition to measuring biometrics such as blood pressure, sugar level, body fat and others.


Ezdan Real Estate Company

For its part, Ezdan Real Estate Company organised, in cooperation with its partners, an array of distinct interactive activities in Ezdan village 3. Events started from 9 am to 1 pm and included various shows and competitions. Taking part in the same event, The World Taekwondo & Self- defense Center held some performances amid a large turnout of children from Al-Wukair villages who came to participate and enjoy the activities. Events included Taekwondo and boxing shows where participating children received various gifts.


Commenting on the event, Acting General Manager of Ezdan Real Estate Mr. Omar Al Yafey said, "As Ezdan Real Estate Company, we are committed to support and follow the guidance of the state wise leadership in building a healthy and prosperous society that promotes sport as an activity that enhances people wellbeing mentally, physically and behaviourally. The company organised several Sports events in its villages in order to raise awareness of the importance of sport as well as to encourage the public to exercise by providing them with sport centers and clubs within the package of services provided by the company to its dwellers. Ladies also are able to practice and enjoy sports through gyms and swimming pools allocated only for them within out compounds, ensuring the participation of all tenants of all categories.”

It is worth mentioning that ERE sports events included football training and children's games organised by Oryx Sports Academy where children enjoyed the activities, as well as a yoga training session in which some residents participated. The events also featured children's competitions, gymnastics contest, as well as the distribution of fruits and juices to the children and the participating families, in addition to many different gifts to participants in the sports event.


Ezdan Football Championship 

Ezdan Football Championship final and 3rd place match took place in celebration of the National Sport Day, in which ‘Nojoum Misr’ team has beaten ‘The Arsenal’ team and won the championship, whereas ‘Al-Ekhwah’ came third. Ezdan Football Championship was held throughout five weeks, with the participation of 16 teams comprising dwellers of Ezdan villages divided into four groups drawn by lot. At the end, Ezdan Real Estate Company granted the championship cups, medals and gifts to the top three winners as well as recognized the sponsors and referees participating in the championship.