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Ezdan Real Estate provides 3D walk-through in its residential units

Ezdan Real Estate provides 3D walk-through in its residential units

09 Jan 2018

In the framework of its ongoing development plan of communication channels with its customer base, Ezdan Real Estate - a subsidiary of the Ezdan Holding Group - has launched a three-dimensional walk-through service on its website and its smart phone applications, in a move to enable users to view and roam around the various residential units.


Ezdan Real Estate has developed 3D technology and applied it in all its properties, providing real like visualization of the unit and explore its details in a perfect interactive manner. Such technology allows users to walk around the house and view all the layout as if you are actually there! It uses a high-quality camera equipped with a laser to measure dimensions and take panorama or 360 degrees snapshots. This would create a “true” feel for of what the space looks like and help the user navigate through the space either with naked eye or using virtual reality headset through any computer, tablet or phone. 


In this regard, Acting General Manager of Ezdan Real Estate Mr. Omar Al-Yafey said: “We are pleased to unveil this service, compatible with all types of computers and smart phones, allowing a unique experience for our clients to enjoy such modern technology and have the possibility to roam around our properties in 3D. The technology is user-controlled, affordable and convenient way to enable potential home seekers to take a virtual walkthrough of our properties online without wasting time and effort.”

He added:” 3D imaging technology reflects the future vision of realty marketing, as it helps to motivate interested and potential customers before visiting the site for real. This technology has become a powerful tool to reach customers in an easy, fast and clear-cut way."


"Ezdan Real Estate is constantly keen to develop new ways to connect with our customers. We spare no effort to make use and adopt modern technology in our business to market our properties and ensure our clients satisfaction. Live 3D interactive walkthrough technology enables our customers to navigate in our properties online and from anywhere in the world. This has made Ezdan Real Estate the first company in Qatar to use such technology, “Al-Yafey noted.

It is worth mentioning that 3D viewing technology is a virtual visualization of the property, in which photos and videos of the premises are used in an interactive and smooth way. With this technology, one can easily share and download the property video on the Internet, social media and text messages, in addition to WhatsApp and other smart phone applications.