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35% of Ezdan Project consists of Greeneries adding a touch of color and tranquility

35% of Ezdan Project consists of Greeneries adding a touch of color and tranquility

15 Aug 2017

 Ezdan Holding Group has allocated, as part of its commitment to environmental development as one of Qatar's National Vision 2030 pillars, 35% of its project to greeneries. Such green spaces cover approximately 350,000 sqm of the project’s total estimated area of 1 million sqm, which houses also up to 14 sports courts and playgrounds.

This stems from Ezdan Holding Group’s vision, which aims to provide suitable accommodation in the midst of a positive rich natural environment for all residents of the Oasis to enjoy. In the same context, the Group has also made sure to use various colors to paint the exterior facades of the project’s European style buildings, providing tenants with a residential environment rich in enjoyment, comfort, tranquility and optimism.


Commenting on the general aesthetics of the project, Ezdan Holding Group CEO Mr. Ali Al Obaidli said: “The path we took in the creation of such distinct green area within the project, stems from Ezdan's vision deeply rooted in environmental conservation and reliance on renewable energy to protect the resources of future generations. This is by no means our first experience in Qatar, we pioneered the launch of a unique initiative in kind and in magnitude, which we dubbed the “Green Dream”. Its objective is to grow 22 million trees by 2022 throughout the State of Qatar in cooperation with official and private bodies in the state.


On his part, Ezdan Real Estate Acting General Manager Mr. Omar Al Yafey, said: “Our initiative to allocate more than a third of the area of Ezdan Oasis to greeneries comes from two principles. On the first hand is environment conservation, an approach adopted in all residential projects of Ezdan Real Estate. We are a company that has pioneered in promoting green spaces and working to sponsor environmental awareness among residents of Ezdan villages in Al Wakrah and Al Wukair. And on the second hand, an ambitious vision for Ezdan Oasis Project. We aim to leave a fingerprint in the realm of residential compounds and real estate management through a massive green zone beaming of vitality and landscaping. The company will work to take care of such an area, increase its size, and urged new residents to preserve it and contribute to its thrive”.


Successful Strategic Partnership

Mr. Al-Obaidli pointed out that Ezdan Holding Group has entered into a strategic partnership with SAK Holding, which specializes in construction and architectural design, in order to plan and implement Ezdan Oasis project with distinctive colors, services and facilities, which represents a qualitative leap in the residential scene of Al Wukair area. SAK and Ezdan were successful in completing the project in line with the preset deadlines. They have recently announced readiness to open the first phase of the project, which covers an area of 17,656 sqm with a total of 2,058 residential and commercial units.


It should be noted that Ezdan Holding Group pays great attention to environmental issues, green spaces and conservation of energy resources. It is one of the sponsors and supporters of the energy conservation program (Tarsheed) through the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (Kahramaa) to transform all its facilities into water and energy conservation hubs. The Group also supports the program towards achieving its goals in reducing the per capita consumption of water and electricity, and spreads public awareness about sustainability and environmentally friendly practices to adopt better habits and practices.