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Ezdan Holding opens first phase of "Ezdan Oasis" for lease

Ezdan Holding opens first phase of "Ezdan Oasis" for lease

23 Jul 2017

Ezdan Holding Group has announced the opening of the first phase of Ezdan Oasis project for lease. The move represents a monumental leap for the Group, since the project is the largest of its kind. Spread over an area of one million square meters containing over 9,000 residential units, Ezdan Oasis is also home to hundreds of commercial and services units and facilities. Moreover, the Newton British Academy has announced the opening of its first branch in Al-Wakrah and Al-Wukair within the project and opened doors for students' registration for the academic year 2017-2018.

In addition, Lease is open for 1,875 fully furnished housing units, ranging from one to two and three bedrooms, as well as 183 commercial outlets that will serve as the backbone of the city's dwellers and residents of the surrounding areas. This will enable Al-Wukair area to enter the comprehensive development course as it is becoming more popular and keen to provide diversified services. In addition to that, the state is working on laying a huge road network serving the region and the entire south of the country.


This stage is regarded the first stage of the Oasis, noting that the whole project will be launched gradually over 4 consecutive stages due to its mere colossal size. The project is expected to be a unique model on the level of services and competitive prices compared to similar products in the Qatari market.


The largest in the Group’s history

Talking about the details of the project, CEO of Ezdan Holding Group Ali Mohammed Al Obaidli said: “The project is in fact the largest in the history of Ezdan Holding Group, if not the State of Qatar, as an integrated project covering an area of up to 1 million square meters. Ezdan Oasis has expressively affected the market when it was first revealed, hence the project came to be known as the land of a million or the one million project. However, after long discussions, we have decided to name it Ezdan Oasis because it serves as an oasis in terms of services it provides for the neighboring areas.

Al-Obaidli added that he expects residents of Al-Wukair and other surrounding areas to be attracted by the project as it includes many integrated services including big mosques, hypermarkets, schools and sports clubs, as well as the most vital facilities, such as multi-purposes commercial outlets. Al-Obaidli explained: “Ezdan Holding Group has dedicated its extensive experience and tremendous efforts to the realization of a project of this size, which offers such a wonderful package of services, fulfilling all needs of residents who will only leave the Oasis for work, since there are schools for children, shopping outlets, restaurants supermarkets, hypermarket, sports courts and more.”


Newton British Academy launched at Ezdan Oasis

Newton British Academy opens its branch at Ezdan Oasis to accommodate pre-primary to ninth grade students during the first academic year. Registration for the 2017-2018 academic year is open, as for grades 10 and 11, they will be added during the following year 2018-2019.

The Newton British Academy is one of the world's most prestigious schools that the project hosts, a remarkable cornerstone in the series of services and facilities that the Oasis offers to its dwellers out of the Group’s desire to provide them with a modern lifestyle. The Academy follows the national curriculum of England and Wales (the British curriculum). It also adopts the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). The school implements the international exams approved by the Cambridge University Council for International Examinations and EDEXCEL. The curriculum also includes Arabic, Islamic education, Qatari history, French language, swimming and drama.

In addition, the school buildings are equipped with comprehensive educational facilities such as computer labs, and others for physics, chemistry and biology experiences. The schools also includes technological design laboratories, graphic laboratories, as well as a large multi-purpose gymnasium, indoor pool, school theatres, large shaded outdoor playgrounds, drama hall and cafeterias.

Newton Group has three academies that adopt the British curriculum in Al Waab, Al Dafna and Barwa. The British curriculum is one of the most rigorous academic curricula among international schools. It is the national curriculum in England and Wales. It helps students develop their skills in science and math, as well as literature and humanities. Newton Academy offers a range of extra-curricular activities to nurture and foster students' creativity and abilities.


Invitation to visit the project

On this occasion, Group CEO invites all interested parties wishing to lease, as well as residents and employees in the neighboring areas to visit the project to learn about its various services and modern lifestyle it provides.

Ezdan Oasis project is located in the Al-Wukair area, close to the new road network, which enables residents to reach the heart of Doha in a short time.


Information for Editor:

Ezdan Oasis

Ezdan Oasis is the largest real estate project in the history of Ezdan Holding Group. It spreads over an area of about one million square meters in Al-Wukair area, which gained it the nickname of the land of the million or the one million project amongst real estate market professionals. When completed, the project units will total about 9,346 units ranging between residential and commercial. The most distinctive aspect of the project is its 577 commercial outlets of from 60 to 104 square meters area, featuring restaurants, cafes, pharmacies, shops, bakeries, laundries and others.

The project’s residential units amount to 8,769 furnished apartments, ranging in size from one to two and three bedrooms. They are expected to accommodate more than 35,000 individuals, as well as a variety of services and facilities that will constitute a qualitative leap for Al-Wukair region. The project includes also 8 mosques, 2 schools and 14 sports clubs, 8 gymnasiums, 10 swimming pools and a hypermarket of more than 7,000 square meters in area. The hypermarket will offer a variety of products and is run by a store chain known by its long experience in the retail sector.

The Oasis is an eco-friendly project, green areas amount to 35% of the total surface of the Oasis. It also provides multiple parking spaces, enough to accommodate residents and visitors, as well as a range of services including security and maintenance, Sakin Centre for integrated leasing services, and Ezdan Discount Card for every tenant.