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Ezdan Holding Group platinum sponsor of the Arab Towns Organization “ATO” award event

Ezdan Holding Group platinum sponsor of the Arab Towns Organization “ATO” award event

30 May 2017

Ezdan Holding Group (EHG) has participated as a platinum sponsor in the 13th Session of the Arab Towns Organization award ceremony held at the Four Seasons Hotel, under the patronage the Minister of Municipality and Environment and Chairman of the Arab Towns Award Organization, H.E Mohammed Bin Abdullah al Rumaihi. The Award Ceremony was attended by a line-up of leaders and officials from Arab cities and regional & international organizations.


During the event, Acting General Manager of Ezdan Real Estate Company, Mr. Omar Al Yafey received the honorary shield from the Minister of Municipality and Environment as a representative of Ezdan Holding Group, in recognition of the Group's efforts in sponsoring this major event. This platinum sponsorship is seen as another remarkable step by Ezdan Holding Group, which enjoys a proven track record on corporate social responsibility “CSR” field, besides the first-class services it provide to the various parties in order to enhance its pioneering role in the social arena.


The Arab Towns Awards Organization is one of the leading institutions that seeks to preserve the identity of the Arab city with its Islamic traditions and cultural heritage in architecture and heritage fields. It also aims at preserving the environment and afforestation against risks of westernization and change of its Arab and Islamic specifications and cultural features. The Arab Towns Awards Organization was founded based on a decision made at the 7th Arab Town Organization “ATO”’s General Conference held in Algiers in May 1983. 


For his part, Al-Yafey said: “The Arab Towns Organization’s award ceremony is a significant chance to strengthen the identity of Arab and Islamic cities, and preserve them against the ongoing marginalization to their culture, customs and traditions. As such, Ezdan Holding Group is keen on supporting such events that hold constructive objectives and promote innovation in Islamic architecture, safekeeping historical monuments, preserving the Arab environment, afforestation efforts, and expanding the use of modern technologies. EHG backs these endeavours in the context of its efforts to support the Arab and Islamic heritage and preserve the authenticity of the Arab towns’ history and culture, which is an essential part of the Group’s responsibility towards society.”


The ATO’s awards covered the following arenas: “Architecture”, "Environmental Health", “Town Landscape & Artscape” and "Information Technology. Nominations are open for ATO’s Member Cities, Government & Private Institutions, universities, specialized institutes, scientific research centers, unions, trade unions, and individuals.

It is worth mentioning that Ezdan Holding Group makes every possible efforts to sponsoring all different community activities, especially those pertaining to culture and heritage. It is also keen to participate and shed a positive impact to enhance the role of institutions in realizing the public interest of society.