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Ezdan Real Estate Company wraps up revamps of its first residential compound in Al Gharafa

Ezdan Real Estate Company wraps up revamps of its first residential compound in Al Gharafa

27 Sep 2016

Ezdan Real Estate Company, a subsidiary of Ezdan Holding Group, has announced the completion of maintenance and renovation works in its residential compound No. 1 in Al Gharafa area. The revamps covered 251 units and included interior and exterior paint jobs, maintenance of each of children's playgrounds, gyms, sport courts, the swimming pool, banquet halls, in addition to the replacement of air conditioning units in 198 villas and 53 apartments.


Ezdan Real Estate Company has started comprehensive refurbishment operations during Q4 of the previous year, involving all the Group owned compounds and villages in Al Wakrah, Al Wukair and Doha. The Group embarked on a campaign to change furniture in Al Wukair Villages then gradually moved to Doha compounds, and completed multi-development works in its compound No. 1 in Al Gharafa, covering all its facilities, such as sport courts and spaces, recreation amenities, painting the buildings’ interior and exterior in addition to ACs replacement in all the compound’s units. 


These development operations are part of Ezdan Holding Group’s overall strategy to strengthen its position and demonstrate its leadership in the real estate sector. The Group aims to achieve that through constantly working towards meeting the needs and desires of tenants and timely responding to their demands in having comfy and furnished units, in line with the Group’s commitment to rationalization standards, preservation of environment, and providing the best quality services.


As for the coming phase, the Company is planning to carry on comprehensive overhauling program in a number of its compounds in Doha for their paramount importance in the real estate market, given their strategic location in the heart of the capital. Such phase will include buildings, facilities, furniture and appliances as well as the launch of other development packages covering facilities, maintenance, and the introduction of new services.


Earlier this year, Ezdan Real Estate Company launched “Sakin” Center for integrated services, an important communication channel that serves to monitor customers' requirements and identify their needs in terms of maintenance and renewal. This has helped the Company to direct its efforts towards improving its services and looking for new ways to communicate with the public. The goal behind Sakin is to combine and converge all customer services such as maintenance and leasing in two main unified and convenient centers.


It should be noted that earlier this year Ezdan Real Estate Company has completed large scale development works in 25 Villages in Al Wakrah and Al Wukair, in conjunction with its preparations to launch two important projects in the region, namely Ezdan Mall Al Wakrah and Ezdan Mall Al Wukair. The latter has started opening its doors gradually, providing diverse shopping services for residents of the villages and compounds.


In this context, the Group has completed the conversion of all its residential units into water-saving entities through the introduction and installation of around 262,000 devices to rationalize water consumption in more than 15,000 housing units with a capacity to save up to 60% of total water used.