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Ezdan Village 37 mosque is officially recognized to hold Friday prayers

Ezdan Village 37 mosque is officially recognized to hold Friday prayers

04 Aug 2016

In the framework of the renovation process of the integral services within Ezdan residential villages and in line with the Motto "Ezdan is the place," which is consistent with Ezdan strategy to be an active member serving the community, the Ministry of Awqaf (Endowments) and Islamic Affairs has officially endorsed Ezdan village (37) mosque in Al-Wukair area to perform Friday prayers. The mosque can hold over 300 worshipers in addition to a prayer hall dedicated for women to meet the ever increasing population in the area and neighboring sites. The complex provided the opportunity to perform prayers for hundreds of worshipers and helped them prevent the hardship to go to remote mosques, especially with the scorching sun and rising summer temperatures. The provision of a new mosque that offers an array of religious and guidance programs for residents to perform their prayers and hold educational events is an added value to Ezdan Villages.


Last Friday, the mosque housed its first Friday Prayer, noting that large turnout of the village dwellers and the nearby compound flocked to the mosque, in which the Imam was the preacher Sheikh Ehab Ibrahim from the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs.


It is noteworthy to mention that Ezdan Holding Group owns 25 housing villages in Al Wakra and Al-Wukair areas, over which more than 19,500 diverse housing units are distributed, accommodating more than 70,000 people. Every village has a mosque dedicated to prayer and to serve the compound residents. In these mosques, tenants and other people can benefit from advocacy and awareness activities, in addition to courses in learning the Holy Quran in cooperation with the competent authorities, as the case of Ezdan Village 9 mosque, which provides SAKIN service center recently launched by Ezdan in order to facilitate the leasing and maintenance services and procedures to its customers.


Ezdan Real Estate Company, which holds the compounds management in Doha and Al Wakra, aims at converting the residential compounds into integrated and all-out facilities, dedicated to serve the population and residents and provide affordable services accessible to everyone, most notably advocacy and guidance programs. The company also spares no effort in strengthening its vision through participating in raising community awareness and spreading the Islamic virtues and values  by organizing a slew of religious events, lectures, seminars and meetings, which hosts a distinct panel of preachers. Ezdan was pioneer in the advocacy and holding religious events, especially during Ramadan, in which prominent scholars attended the Traweeh prayers and enlightened the attendance with an array of information on Islam legacy. Such event were organized last Ramadan as part of RAF’s program “the inspiring”.


In the framework of cooperation with official bodies to encourage advocacy inside the villages, Ezdan compounds are witnessing strong turnout of people from within villages and beyond to attend lectures and advocacy events organized by the company in collaboration with the official charities and institutions. In the compounds and villages, seminars and lectures are delivered periodically by well-known preachers to people in both languages, Arabic and English. Among the famous preachers Ezdan hosted recently were Dr. Zaghloul Najjar, Dr. Mohammed Rateb Al-Nabulsi, Sheikh Mohammed Al Arifi and Sheikh Khalid Al-Mahmood in addition to others.