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Ezdan Holding Group Receives Three Global Iso Certification

Ezdan Holding Group Receives Three Global Iso Certification

22 May 2016

 Al-Obaidli: ISO contribute to raising the Group performance quality and the level of its services and products 

Dr. Al-Awwad: we aim to achieve the best management and productivity practices in line with international standards


Ezdan Holding Group announced that it has been awarded, along with its subsidiaries Ezdan Real Estate and Ezdan Mall, ISO ISO 9001: 2008 quality certification, internationally recognized in different areas, including information technology, quality management as well as the best services and professional practices framework provided to customers.


Chief Operating Officer of Ezdan Holding Group Dr. Mousa Al-Awwad received the ISO certification on behalf of the Group in a small ceremony held recently at Ezdan headquarters, in the presence of representatives of the companies, which awarded the ISO to the Group. This step comes within the framework of the administrative development mechanisms taking place in Ezdan Holding Group and its subsidiaries, out of its desire to ensure international standards in their operating systems, quality management system, technical programs and information technology, as well as achieving high levels of productivity efficiency in order to raise the Group's operational revenues.  


Commenting on this event, Ezdan Holding Group CEO Mr. Ali Mohammed Al Obaidli pointed out that Ezdan is committed to the best international standards, regarding its realty and retail products, aiming at providing the best services to its customers and reach a broad segments of people by gaining their trust and confidence in the efficiency and the quality of its services.


Al-Obaidli explained that receiving such international certification is a clear evidence that Ezdan Holding Group adopts distinct administrative and technical performance, pointing out that the ISO certification requires considering many responsibilities and complying with high quality standards, which Ezdan has been able to meet fully through its keen pursuit of achieving optimum transparency, security, and better production rates in all of its operations. In addition, the Group adopts the latest procedures and managerial mechanisms that exist in the local and global markets.


Ezdan CEO affirmed that the international quality certification would allow a lot of advantages and positive opportunities for the Group to promote its brand and position in terms of internal operations and the subsequent production processes and efficiency of investments. Moreover, the ISO certification may contribute to the reduction of administrative and production costs as well as help the development of communication channels through activating the right applications.


For his part, Dr. Mousa Al-Awwad said that this step is a qualitative addition to the Group on several fronts, the fact that helped the Group to be one of the leading business entities, which is keen to provide the best international conventional practices to raise its performance and thus meeting investors' expectations and increasing the Group operating profits. 


Al-Awwad added that, besides seeking to develop the Group internal procedures, we aim to raise the quality of services and products we offer to the local market, noting that Ezdan Holding is one of the key players in the business and finance arena in Qatar, in addition to the fact that Ezdan enjoys a long history and significant experience in the real estate sector in particular.


Ezdan Holding Group has inked a cooperation agreement with Microsoft Corporation to adopt Microsoft Dynamics AX 2 2012 R2 and incorporate it into the Group's management system to achieve its objectives. The plan was to provide a common operations platform, improving operational efficiencies and realizing a comprehensive view into all of its consolidated financial and management operations. The adoption of such program resulted in the improvement of operational processes in the company, ranging from human resources to property management planning.


It is worth mentioning that the Group aimed at improving its operations by resorting to modern management systems as part of its expansion in its portfolio of assets, which requires vigilant management because of the variety and significant volume of resources. The Group has more than 1,500 employees and runs a call center around the clock to serve its customers, noting that the Ax system contributes also to manage the various contract and handle property management works, including maintenance and repair works to determine responsibility, and conduct daily maintenance and planning tasks.