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Ezdan customer service center achieved a record number of responses to tenants’ requests in 2015

Ezdan customer service center achieved a record number of responses to tenants’ requests in 2015

20 Jan 2016

It received 300,000 calls during 2015


Ezdan customer service center achieved a record number of responses to tenants’ requests in 2015 


Al-Obaidli: Ezdan expanded Services enhanced Customer interaction with the Call Center


Ezdan Customer Service’s Call Center, which operates under the umbrella of Ezdan Real Estate Company, one of Ezdan Holding Group Subsidiaries, has attained record achievement in terms of interaction with Ezdan customer requests and inquiries. The Center responded to more than 300,000 of tenants’ phone calls during 2015, with an average of up to 800 calls daily and 25,000 calls monthly, varying from maintenance and inquiries about residential services provided by Ezdan Real Estate Company, among other services. 

Customer Service’s Call Center works 24/7, in which 20 employees are working in shift for 8 hours daily.  The Center receives maintenance requests and responds to inquiries relating to the residential units owned by the Group, and provide a wide range of services to Ezdan tenants and customers. 


For his part, Ezdan Holding Group CEO Mr. Ali Al Obaidli pointed out that the substantial increase in calls received by the Call Center during 2015 is due to many reasons, most notably Ezdan expansion in the scope of services provided to tenants and the application of the group's plans to develop the compounds, villages and buildings. He added that the Group was keen to implement major renovation, including furniture change and the installations of water-saving devices in residential units. 


The Group CEO said that the increase in tenants’ occupancy rates on the units was due to the demand for services provided by Ezdan Real Estate, the fact that led to the rise in the interaction between customers and the call center. He explained that the number of dwellers in Ezdan Villages of al Wakrah and Al Wukair exceeded more than 70,000 people, transforming the region into a vital spot, not to mention the increase in the number of tenants in Ezdan units in Doha, bringing the number to more than 15,000 people.


Al Obaidli added that the goal behind extending Ezdan Services is to provide ideal and competitive housing in order to make of Ezdan Villages an attractive and leading destination able to compete in the Qatari real estate market. He emphasized that the Group aims at achieving objectives while continuing to introduce new solutions and provide innovative services designed to simplify and facilitate the daily life of tenants.


It is noteworthy that Ezdan Real Estate’s Call Center owns a sizable database of customers and tenants in the Group’s villages and buildings. The database allows access to tenants’ records of previous requests and tracks the request or complaint through registered phone numbers to ensure prompt response and prevent recurrences. The Call Center interacts with clients in both Arabic and English offering them three options to choose from when calling; the first is general services and leasing inquiries, the second is maintenance requests, and the third is talking with the Customer Care Center agent.


It should be noted that Ezdan Real Estate Company, which manages the Real Estate assets of the Group, has launched Customer Care Center (Ezdan Plus) as part of its integrated services and life amenities it offers to its tenants. The Center proposes a diverse range of services, mainly house and furniture cleaning, car wash, training and development services, transportation, as well as Ezdan Discounts Card that offers many advantages and discounts to its holders.