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Ezdan Real Estate Marks National Sport Day through Diverse Events

Ezdan Real Estate Marks National Sport Day through Diverse Events

11 Feb 2016

Ezdan Real Estate Company, one of Ezdan Holding Group Subsidiaries, has organized an array of sporting events and activities on the occasion of the National Sport Day in Ezdan Village (11). With sheer enthusiasm, a large segment of families and kids took part in the celebration.

Participants of all ages and nationalities flocked for a fun-filled events packed with fitness and educational activities, where sports activities range between, taekwondo, darts, table and mental games, in addition to the corner, face-painting for children. Football, basketball, and table tennis had a chance to battle it out in team competitions.


The celebration comprised handing out healthy foods and drinks to attendants, such as fruits and fresh juices. In addition to that, the events included educational health awareness booth that conducted tests and medical examinations for participants, such as measuring blood pressure, blood sugar, and body weight. The booth also provided expert nutritionists who gave health and medical tips and guidance to all participants, including kids.


The celebration witnessed the participated of large numbers of visitors from Ezdan Holding Group and its subsidiaries, residents of villages, in addition to outside participants who came to enjoy the various events, which included numerous group games and saw a large turnout of children and families.

On the national Sport Day, Ezdan Holding Group CEO Mr. Ali Al Obaidli commented that Ezdan Holding Group aims, through celebrating such Day, to create a community that embraces a healthy lifestyle, especially that sport practicing is a major factor that would help to achieve this goal. He pointed out the importance of encouraging people of all ages to adopt a balanced diet due, noting that healthy eating significantly contribute in maintaining sound community able to achieve the goals of the National vision 2030.


Mr. AL Obaidli added that Ezdan Holding Group’s primary motive to urge its employees to participate in the activities of the National Sport Day is to increase their productivity and improve their professional competence, adding that such participation falls within the Groups’ efforts to achieve its community responsibility goals.


It should be noted that Ezdan Real Estate is always keen on celebrating diverse national, religious and social dates, through entertainment events that aim at creating an interactive atmosphere of enjoyment and entertainment for Villages’ residents. The Company has recently held a series of entertainment events in Ezdan Village No.10 at Al Wakrah during Eid al-Adha, and achieved great success in attracting large numbers of visitors from Ezdan Villages and beyond.