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Ezdan real estate puts in place furniture revamp plan to 7,200 housing units in 12 villages

Ezdan real estate puts in place furniture revamp plan to 7,200 housing units in 12 villages

29 Nov 2015

Ezdan Real Estate Company, a subsidiary of the Ezdan Holding Group, has announced furniture development plan for 7,200 housing units in 12 residential villages in Al Wakrah and Al Wukair areas. The ongoing furniture renovation process comes in the framework of the company’s plan to upgrade furniture in various Ezdan villages and units as well as compounds, aiming at improving services provided and meet the needs of the tenants. The company spares no efforts to provide luxury and comfort to its customers, in a time when the occupancy rate of Ezdan units goes high.


In this regard, both maintenance and customer care teams in Ezdan Real Estate Company are responsible of the supervision and implementation of the furniture development process as the current stage involves the replacement of furniture in the living rooms. The company plans to change the rest of the furniture items, including bedrooms, and dining rooms  in the various residential units ranging from 1, 2 ,3 bedrooms apartments and villas  of all Ezdan compounds in Doha and beyond.


For his part, CEO of Ezdan Holding Group Mr. Ali Al Obaidli noted that the Group launched a development plan of its real estate assets and other facilities, with the aim to renovate furniture and appliances, keeping up with the pace of the modern housing requirements and standards. He pointed out that the group is keen to provide distinct units to its customers and ensure their confidence towards Ezdan Holding Group and its presence in the real estate and housing sector.


He added that the Group seeks, as a part of its efforts to maintain excellence in its real estate products, to move into new stages of development; namely, improving its housing and maintaining services in light of the increasing population in vital areas such as Al Wakrah and Al Wukair, where the number of tenants in Ezdan Villages have reached more than 70,000 people. This inspires the Group to study and consider all possible development initiatives in order to reinforce services in its Villages.


It should be noted that Ezdan Real Estate is in the process of carrying out enhancement operations in a large number of its units, such as upgrading the living room with more sophisticated and modern furniture. The new furniture provide additional space and other advantages best suited for large family members.


Ezdan Holding Group has announced a new development strategy earlier this year, covering all its buildings and facilities, including hotels and residential compounds. The Group is seeking to convert those buildings into sophisticated units, meeting the needs of all residents, with a focus on environment and resources preservation. In this context, the Group has recently announced the conversion of 20,000 of its housing units into water saving units, with the ability to save up to 40% on water consumption. This comes in compliance with the country’s comprehensive plan to rationalize water and energy consumption, and conserve natural resources for future generations.


Ezdan Real Estate Company manages real estate investments for Ezdan Holding Group, which owns the largest real estate investment portfolio in Qatar. The Group possesses about 20,000 housing units spread over different areas across the country. The Group has earned numerous awards, thanks to the volume of its investment in the real estate sector, notably the latest award being “The Property Company of the Year 2015” by the Arabian Business magazine.