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Ezdan Real Estate launches card that provides discount from 60 different outlets

Ezdan Real Estate launches card that provides discount from 60 different outlets

12 May 2015

Ezdan Real Estate Company, a subsidiary of Ezdan Holding Group, has announced the launch of Ezdan Discount Card Program for 2015, a program implemented by the company in collaboration with 60 wide range of outlets, including restaurants, hotels, shops and services for training, Hajj & Umrah, health care and Beauty Center, insurance companies and others.


Customer Care Section of Ezdan Real Estate  was able to conclude cooperation agreements notably with Vodafone, and twenty-three restaurants that offer oriental, Western and Asian dishes, as well as three major hotels, ten mega stores such as Lulu Hypermarket, and Al Siddiqi Holding Group, Electronics companies like Sharaf DG and four Development and Training centers such as Al Jazeera Media Training and Development Center, along with four beauty centers, recreation and entertainment facilities, including Aqua Park and Jungle Zone.


The scheme also includes the Islamic Insurance Company and Labbaik campaign for Hajj & Umrah as well as Regency Travel & Tours agency. The card will also allow discounts in three major companies operating in the car accessories and services in addition to a number of jewelry, watches and perfume shops.


The program holds the slogan "Think about saving, think about life with Ezdan discount card". It is worth mentioning that Ezdan discount Card provides a discount ranging from 10% to 50%, through which ERES company aims to expand the customer service scope and to achieve the greatest possible affluence and comfort to its partners and to its tenants, noting that the new card allows users to know about the benefits and discounts offered by the company and facilitate the process of subscription and contracting.


Commenting on the event, Ezdan Holding Group Deputy CEO Mr. Nasser Al Abdulla noted that this new facility package offered by Ezdan Real Estate comes in line with the development plan set by the Group to achieve an increase in operational efficiency, development and well-being. He added that Ezdan Real Estate seeks to improve the services provided to its tenants and partners through granting rewards and benefits to them that would help them while their stay with Ezdan.  Al Abdulla pointed out that such program establishes effective and appropriate structure for mutual action between partners and members of Ezdan by taking advantage of the discounts card and contribute in stimulating and promoting commercial activities and services provided. 


Al Abdulla pointed to the massive development plan which Ezdan Holding Group carries out in its villages and residential compounds and that takes place on two levels. The first one aims to renovate housing units through changing furniture and electrical appliances in a large number of units in accordance with a revamp program developed by Ezdan Real Estate Company that is gradually and steadily implementing it.


He added that the second level to the process of development deals with the provision of a range of support services that would help achieve prosperity for Ezdan tenants, including the development of the maintenance team in Ezdan Real Estate, with the aim to meet the growing needs of the population. In these regards, the company is working to provide additional services within the residential compounds and villages, creating a well-established living environment where tenants can enjoy integrated prosperity and comfort.


It is noteworthy that Ezdan Real Estate has revealed its two main goals of the program, which are to monitor the success of the new Discount Card and work on the assessment program in order to take advantage of customer feedback and measure their satisfaction about the card. In addition, general studies are conducted regarding consumers and tenants to provide Ezdan partners with their impressions to improve the level of services they provide as well as granting those partners special housing benefits, which will provide  a safe and trustworthy ground to engage in commercial relations with the company.


All plans and objectives are meant to create a platform to connect with customers through the launch of questionnaires via smart phones, conducting studies on customer satisfaction regarding the service levels, and measuring the size of the turnout; followed by a future plan that will focus on partners, through providing them with all the data that has to do with customers satisfaction and suggestions, enabling them to provide the best services. Partners will also be able to take advantage of the benefits offered by Ezdan with regards to the conclusion of contracts and partnerships.


Ezdan Real Estate has earlier announced the launch of “Ezdan Plus” package in April 2013 in the framework of providing integrated well being services for its tenants, offering a diverse range of amenities including shopping services, cleaning, cars washing, training and development, insurance, event organizing, travel and tourism, vehicles servicing and maintenance of, limousines and rental cars, health care, express shipping and transportation, and more.


It is worth mentioning that Ezdan Real Estate operates under the umbrella of Ezdan Holding Group and manages its multi purposes real estate projects in different parts of the state of Qatar. The number of housing units run by the company is around 20,000 units. The company runs more than 4,300 units just within the city of Doha, spread over 17 residential compounds and buildings, with 211 commercial units in vital areas, as well as more than 15,000 housing units run by the company outside Doha in Al Wakrah and Al Wukair areas distributed over 25 residential villages