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Ezdan Real Estate organizes a variety of events to celebrate Earth Day

Ezdan Real Estate organizes a variety of events to celebrate Earth Day

22 May 2015

Including afforestation process and a lecture on climate change and its impact on heritage. Ezdan Real Estate Company, a subsidiary of Ezdan Holding Group, has organized diverse events celebrating the Earth Day, which falls on 22 of April in each year to raise awareness of how to preserve the natural environment. The celebration was held in collaboration with the Friends of the Environment Center and the Al Wakra Municipality.


The events, that took place in Ezdan village (11), aim at raising awareness regarding energy conservation and consumption efficiency in addition to increasing the green spaces. In this regard, Ezdan Real Estate Company joined hands along with "Friends of Environment Centre" of Qatar Foundation, which is a non-profit civil organization that seeks to establish the concept of environmental conservation and community education.

Commenting on the event, Ezdan Holding Group Deputy CEO Mr. Nasser Al-Abdulla said that the Group and its subsidiaries are making strenuous efforts to participate in the community events, stressing the long experience Ezdan enjoys in encouraging environment preservation and awareness raising on the importance of living in a clean environment based on energy conservation. 


He added that the group has made a number of fruitful initiatives, in this context, including the increase of the afforestation and green areas in its residential compounds, the fact that constitutes part of the group's strategy and objectives represented in the promotion of cooperation and the sense of responsibility of the individual towards the environment where he lives. The Group also is keen to provide positive ideas that would help to establish the foundations of environment conservation. 


During the event, a lecture entitled "Climate change and its impact on human heritage" delivered by Mr.  Mohamed Hashem, Director of ‘A Flower Each Spring' Programme. The lecture addressed climatic conditions and changes in the world and their impact on the environment as well as human heritage.


It is worth mentioning that the most important part of the celebration activities was an expanded tree planting operation in collaboration with Al Wakra Municipality, noting that participants have planted a number of trees, emphasizing the importance of increasing green space in each area and municipality.


It is noteworthy to mention that Ezdan Mall Company, a subsidiary of Ezdan Holding Group, has adopted an earlier initiative to plant 22 million trees by 2022, a unique initiative launched during the opening of Ezdan Mall Gharafa in mid-April 2013. Such initiative was incorporated in line with the Qatar National Development Vision, which aims to serve the state environment and preserve it.


Ezdan Holding Group and its subsidiaries has abundant initiatives in this area, noting that the Group signed in March 2014 a memorandum of understanding with Qatar General Electricity and Water "KAHRAMAA", aimed at developing closer cooperation in the field of rational use of electricity and water in order to preserve environmental resources, for  a better future for our children.


Ezdan Holding Group's efforts in the field of community service have been recognized, the Group was awarded for the best initiative in social responsibility, in the competition organized by Dar Al Sharq, in which the Group has participated through social responsibility brochure that exclusively includes a number of its social initiatives