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In Collaboration with Community Policing. Ezdan Real Estate organizes recreational activities to celebrate Garangao

Doha - June 30, 2015

Ezdan Real Estate Company, a subsidiary of Ezdan Holding Group, has held a variety of events in one of its residential villages in collaboration with Community Policing as part of Ezdan celebration of the Granagao night. The events took place in the presence of officials of both Ezdan Real Estate Company and Community Policing.

The celebration included a number of interactive and cultural activities for the public, aiming to acquaint the public with one of the most famous traditional habits in the State of Qatar. Activities witnessed a large turnout of visitors who flocked to Ezdan Village 11 where the celebration was hosted.
This celebration is part of Ezdan efforts and contributions to community in order to improve society and promote cultural awareness among citizens and expatriates. Ezdan was keen to organize such celebration and to urge the public to attend it through all the related ads, which is a translation of the Group’s care in raising awareness to strengthen the feeling of national belonging and maintain its authentic heritage in line with the civilizational and cultural developments over time.  
It is noteworthy that “Garangao” night is one of the traditional events that Qatari society is keen to celebrate in the middle of the holy month of Ramadan. It is the popular tradition where children gather and roam in groups through neighborhoods, knocking on the doors of houses, carrying bags of fabric filled with all types of nuts, candy, and dressed in bright colors clothes.
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