Ezdan Real Estate Company provides a variety of services to its tenants, including fully furnished units and at competitive prices, security services around the clock, sports training centers, swimming pools, mosques, supermarkets, and nurseries. To provide shuttle services to its tenants from Al Wakra to Doha vital points, Ezdan has launched Al Buraq Services. In addition to these services, dwellers at Ezdan residential units in Al Wakra can benefit from the following services:

our services (ezdan plus)

Ezdan Plus is a set of services offered by Ezdan to provide means of comfortable life among Ezdan residents.


  • Car Wash

    Car Wash service is offered in Ezdan Compound in professional and environmentally friendly manner. The car is washed from inside and out, in order to maintain its shiny outlook.

  • Sport Activities
    Because of the vital role sport plays for the benefit of health, providing an environment for challenge, identity exploration, honing skills and maintaining social integration, we have been keen to provide diverse sports activities within Ezdan residential villages for people of different age groups along with experienced trainers.
    Events and other activities:
    The Customer Care Center organizes a number of sporting events and social activities for Ezdan Compounds tenants, in line with social responsibility initiatives adopted by Ezdan Real Estate Company.


  • Benefits and Advantages

    If you are a client of Ezdan Company, Benefits and Advantages Program will let you enjoy further valuable services that would ensure your comfort and wellbeing, in addition to more offers at reasonable prices that suit all people.


Our customer's satisfaction is our priority. We believe that all our customers are important, thus deserve equal treatment.

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