About Ezdan Real Estate

Ezdan Real Estate operates under the umbrella of Ezdan Holding Group and owns huge multipurpose real estate projects in different parts of Qatar; it has assumed a high position thanks to its long experience inspired from the mother company, which is considered one of the oldest successful companies in the field of real estate development. The Group is working on the implementation of several real estate projects that will contribute in effectively shaping the future of the state of Qatar.

Ezdan Real Estate was able to achieve tangible successes at the local level and became a major player in the history of the real estate market in Qatar, through giant projects it has executed. The company managed to become a legacy and a pioneer in the field of development and real estate investment in the Middle East, particularly in the fields of leasing and management of properties.

The Group has approximately 20,000 real estate units of different types in Doha’s vital areas as well as outside Doha, as in Al Wakrah region.


Vision & Mission

The Vision:
Achieve leadership and excellence and keep up with the continuous development of investment in the real estate sector, accomplishing the highest growth rates and responding to the requirements and needs of the community.

The Mission:
Offer the best specialized real estate services in line with the latest international standards at competitive prices, contribute to the renaissance of the State of Qatar, and support the local economy.


  • Create diverse and modern real estate services launched for the first time in the Qatari market.
  • Contribute to the local real estate market development and growth.
  • Participate in meeting the requirements of a modern renaissance, in line with Qatar Vision 2030.
  • Build a strong relationship with the company's customers based on mutual trust.
  • Expand the company's investments in all areas of real estate sector, including third party property management.

Social Events

Ezdan Real Estate organises Spring Festival for its tenants

Ezdan Real Estate Company has recently organised Spring Festival under the motto: “education and entertainment together". The festival witnessed the participation of hundreds of families living in Ezdan residential units in Al Wakrah area, noting that the event included many entertainment and educational activities for children like plays about how to care for the environment among other events.

The festival which was hosted by Ezdan Village featured a close cooperation between Ezdan Real Estate and Social Development Centre through the allocation of a space dedicated to showcasing local heritage products, which drew the appreciation of the visitors. In addition, a number of bodies took part in the festival, including some restaurants that offered different food for visitors to the festival, “Sharaf DG", Al Khebra Driving Academy and The International Taekwondo and Self Defence Centre, among others.

The festival also included many competitions and awards that have been presented to the children participating in the games and contests, as well as motion games, Mickey and Minnie play, Giants and Dwarfs carnival, Ezdan Spring with Nature and human being and talents competitions.

Commenting on the event, Group CEO Mr. Ali Al Obaidli said: ”we believe in the motto ‘Ezdan is part and parcel of the community’ and we are always working to consolidate this concept through regulating initiatives that would strengthen our relationship with the community, from our position as private sector that seeks to contribute in the development of the country. We call on all enterprises, institutions and organizations working in the state to join hands and cooperate in order to achieve the National vision of development 2030 through the effective participation in community service.”

Ezdan organizes Health Day for its tenants in Wakrah

In collaboration with the Qatar Diabetes Association, Ezdan Holding Group has organized a Health Day under the slogan “Sehah tazdan” (Graceful Health), which included several useful health care events for all participants. The event included an educational seminar on diabetes and how to avoid its ill-effects and how to prevent it. It also organized camps where free testing of glucose level in the blood was conducted by a team of experts and specialists.

For his part, Mr. Ali Al Obaidli, CEO of Ezdan Holding Group, stressed that Ezdan is committed to its responsibilities towards the Qatari society, adding that the Group is keen to take action for the benefit of the Qatari community or to participate in all Public community events that seek the interests of members of the community. He further said that the social responsibility of the private sector is the most important feature of the Qatari economy, noting that humanitarian initiatives are drivers of such economy to promote healthy and prosperous society.

Al Obaidli said that the importance of Ezdan’s role in the community stems from the desire to positively influence the society, whether for the time being or in the future, depending on the spirit of social responsibility that accompanies many of the activities, including social, health , educational, cultural, sports and environmental aspects. Ezdan’s social responsibility activities include launching new initiatives or responding to the calls of many bodies and institutions operation within the framework of social responsibility.

Ezdan organizes Sport Day for its tenants in Al Wakrah Villages

On the occasion of National Sports Day, Ezdan Real Estate has organised a variety of sports events with the presence of specialists in this field to cover all sports activities. The company has focused, in this occasion, on showing the children the importance of sport, involve them in all the day’s activities, and encourage them to practice various kinds of sports.

Ezdan Real Estate has paid more attention specifically to children in order to instill within them social, educational, and healthy values, since practicing sports protect them from exposure to serious diseases, such as diabetes. On the social level, sport practicing, especially in a group, helps children to easily integrate within community and be cooperative individuals, as on the educational level, sports inspire excellence and shape future leaders.


Ezdan Holding Group has won the 2014 Enterprise Agility Award in the real estate sector, which is run and managed by Ezdan Real Estate, in its first edition in the State of Qatar. Organized by the “Entrepreneur” magazine in collaboration with Barclay's, the Award came to honor the Group’s successes and long experience in this key sector. Ezdan Holding Group won this award for its distinct performance and excellence in the Qatari real estate industry, in addition to the diversity of the products it offers in various other sectors, which puts Ezdan Holding Group in the lead position among real estate companies in Qatar and the region.

Welcome to Doha Qatar

welcome to doha, qatar

Situated on the coast of the Arabian Gulf, The State of Qatar is considered as a gateway between East and West, enabling them to welcome visitors from all over the world. It is regarded as a meeting point for different economies and cultures as well as natural environments, noting that its strategic location has attracted visitors to the area for thousands of years.
The state of Qatar is a predominantly young population, and is currently experiencing high rates of population expansion due to enormous urban development and giant investment projects as well as substantial government spending. In addition, It is important to mention that the economic expansion witnessed in Qatar has empowered the state to be a perfect destination for visitors from various sectors and markets, including oil and gas, real estate, finance, education, research, science, sports and entertainment.
With the significant economic growth experienced during the last century, came the development and renovation of infrastructure, transportation, telecommunications, educational facilities, science and research technology, hospitals and health care. The distinctive and unrivaled reputation of the State of Qatar has led the country to be a leading destination for meetings, exhibitions and conferences in the Gulf region, providing an ideal business environment mixed with recreational activities. Qatar is a bridge between tradition and world innovation. It offers luxurious services with respect to entertainment, business, medical care, sports & education tourism, while appropriately preserving and promoting its authentic heritage and history. Qatar is the place through which people see things differently, where citizens embrace the new ideas and visitors and guests enjoy Qatar’s overwhelming hospitality.

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Full Name: State of Qatar
Capital City: Doha
Time Zone: GMT/UTC (+3)